Saturday, 13 September 2008


Right then - basically been drivng a month now and all is well.

In the last month I have driven a good deal and spent £185 on fuel - the month before £277. If I can replicate that every month for a year I'll save £1110 a year. I'll pay for the conversion in a maximum of 18 months ! Good payback and better for my cash flow.

Basically my savings are are 33% from driving on petrol. I must admit I have been driving the car much harder and the milage will not be the same But the great news is I get 310 miles for £25 of LPG fuel and I can get places quicker. The month previous I had been driving very carefully and saving petrol as much as I could going at 3000 revs max and keeping the speed under 65 miles per hour. I suspect if I had been driving in the same manner the savings would have been higher. So the challenge now is to run for a month at a lower speed keeping revs down to 3000 and see if I can go further for less. But lets be honest am I going to do it? could I do it? What would the savings be? I suspect I could definately get to 40% savings month to month. But hey I'm happy and even happier that the guy round the corner is now selling LPG at 48 p per litre again! I put a tank of the morrisons stuff in and it seemed to run better more power / acceleration available. As with everything in life Its all about a trade off.