Friday, 12 October 2012

Good news for those driving on the M25

According to this little gem of an article - we can now get LPG on the south side of the M25 between Gatwick and Heathrow. This has been long overdue and frankly the more they roll out lpg the better - people will convert if it is in their area.

After some time It went a bit bonkers - Radio interviews

I have been super quiet on this blog for soooooo long. Interestingly what came up was a quite innocent comment made to @bbcshaneonair who does a breakfast show on @bbccovandwarks via Twitter sparked off a whole load of interest as the Office of fair trading started to investigate the petrol / pol retail market at the beginning of September. So on the morning of the 7th sept I had a call from Shane's researcher and was asked if I could go on air to explain why i converted my car to LPG. Then I had a call at work from @bbc3counties who then wanted me to talk the marvelous Roberto Peroni on his evening show.