Thursday, 28 August 2008

LPG Cars - Taxing your LPG car

DVLA - sometimes they know what they are talking about sometimes they don't!

Basically make sure you go to a DVLA office is my advice. You can't get the tax status of your car changed by post seems to be the message. They sent all the bits of paperwork back and told us to go down to a DVLA office.

So get your MOT certificate, your insurance certificate, your V5 log book and your LPGA conversion certificate and take it down with your existing tax disk. Surrender your tax disk fill in a V70 get them to run all the bits of info onto their rather complicated computer system. Then get them to re issue a new tax disc in exchange for your old one and then make sure they reduce your tax classification to give you refund we should get £ 20 back! Your car is then reclassified as running on "alternative fuel". They then don't give you a refund there they send off your v5 to the DVLA Swansea and get it reissued! I could have saved them the bother and sent it but procedures are procedures. Then the £20 back should be sent from DVLA Swansea.

Basically it seems like the DVLA swansea try and give some work out to the local DVLA offices and keep 'em busy. Nice to see bureaucracy is alive and well!

So I will await with anticipation my £20 back to spend on.... not sure yet.. answers on a postcard.

Saturday, 16 August 2008


The conversion process is quite simple really. You take the spare wheel out and dump in a new tank in the well where the spare wheel goes like this. You then carry aorund a nice can of holts tyre weld just incase you ever get a puncture and need to reinflate your old tyre to get you to a tyre repair shop or back home to get your spare on the car.

Put a hole in the car and and fix in the filler conection point

Then run the pipe work to the engine bay into the fuel mixer

Run the pipe work into the top of the engine

Connect up a little fuel management computer

Connect up the flash lube stuff to the pipework ( this stops the valves in the engine getting damaged)

Hook up the little fuel gauge and switch and you are all set!

put on the fuel filler cap after you fill it up with £25 worth of gas which will take you 300 miles down the road untill you need to fill up and get motoring!

Simple really.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Right don’t take my word for it – do some home work yourself!

The only thing left to do is rummage around the internet yourself here are some links to get you started.

LPGA / Boost LPG – basically this is a site which promotes the stuff and the installers -

LPG forum – this site is a discussion forum about LPG to post and talk to others who have converted –

Calor LPG Autogas – Basic industry promotion stuff but has some useful links to installers / converters -

Calor LPG Sat Nav station finder – sat nav file for tom tom owners ( I don’t need a machine to tell me where to go plus too many accidents caused by them but useful if you are safe driving with the things –

Calor / Shell – Autogas TM – site promoting their autogas –

Auto Gas Map – simple to use site profiling all the sites they know about -

LPG store that stocks bits and pieces for lpg converted cars –

For the more adventurous of you who get your car over to Europe here’s a link for LPG fuel stations in Europe –

Energy savings trust blurb on LPG –

London congestion charge make sure you get the right installer ! - For those of you who want to get your car converted by an LPG installer who is recognised by the right people check out your installer here personally I hardly ever drive in London now anyway and this looks like some mafia style closed shop to me but hey I don’t make the rules–

Euro Tunnel info on LPG powered cars – at the moment they won’t take LPG cars -

Ferries seem to take LPG cars though but check with them before you book. –
Link, Link, link, Link, Link,

But basically the information is out there so crack on and see if you can save yourself some cash
Good Luck!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


An Update

The great guys have converted both our cars and recalibrated the Verso now and all seems well. It seems to be behaving itself and pottleing along fine. So we are on LPG and loving it. Did my first proper fill up the other day which went well managed to get 56 litres into the tank for a princely sum of ....£35 nice. The first tank on the regular corrola lasted 256 miles - I monitoring the next one to see how much I get out of it plan is to mointor the consumption etc and then work out how much I am saving but this will be easy to work out when I compare my monthly credit card bills as my milage is pretty steady month to month. The cars are much quieter when running on LPG which is cool and you don't notice the switch over. granted there is a little bit less accelration power on LPG but its working great. I understand there are better systems on the market that do keep the power up better.

Flash Lube
Right then found out what the stuff is for - basically its a kind of lubricant that gets put through the injectors into the engine to lubricate the valves and keep the valve head running smooth and stop valve seat recesion - all i know is that it will protect the engine and keep it running nicely. Its kept under the bonnet in a bottle and it is supposed to use 1 ml per litre of fuel so I'll keep a close eye on how much it uses over the next tank and adjust accordingly.

I rang up the morrisons in coventry and they promised that the pump was getting fixed lets wait and see...

So the plan is run the car on LPG for 1000 miles get it checked over and all will be well.

Plans for future posts include

A nice set of photos of the conversion stuff (tank, filler point, inkjectors, flash lube, fuel management system etc. so people get to see what's involved.

Plus a full set of links to get people started on their own research.

Happy motoring people...

Saturday, 2 August 2008


Well campers the second step is recalibraiton - everything still works on the Verso but quite a few interesting warning lights appeared. Don't panic Mr Manwaring Don't Panic
A yellow engine symbol ( if it had been red we would have worried) and the traction control symbol and the VSC symbol came on. The engine runs fine although when it kicks into LPG it almost stalls on idle.
We spoke to our friendly installer chappy and he said it just needs some adjustments to sync the LPG fuel injection computer with the engine management system. All fixable in his opinion and this does happen occasionally so its back to the garage on Monday to iron out the glitch. Will keep you posted on developments.