Saturday, 16 August 2008


The conversion process is quite simple really. You take the spare wheel out and dump in a new tank in the well where the spare wheel goes like this. You then carry aorund a nice can of holts tyre weld just incase you ever get a puncture and need to reinflate your old tyre to get you to a tyre repair shop or back home to get your spare on the car.

Put a hole in the car and and fix in the filler conection point

Then run the pipe work to the engine bay into the fuel mixer

Run the pipe work into the top of the engine

Connect up a little fuel management computer

Connect up the flash lube stuff to the pipework ( this stops the valves in the engine getting damaged)

Hook up the little fuel gauge and switch and you are all set!

put on the fuel filler cap after you fill it up with £25 worth of gas which will take you 300 miles down the road untill you need to fill up and get motoring!

Simple really.