Thursday, 28 August 2008

LPG Cars - Taxing your LPG car

DVLA - sometimes they know what they are talking about sometimes they don't!

Basically make sure you go to a DVLA office is my advice. You can't get the tax status of your car changed by post seems to be the message. They sent all the bits of paperwork back and told us to go down to a DVLA office.

So get your MOT certificate, your insurance certificate, your V5 log book and your LPGA conversion certificate and take it down with your existing tax disk. Surrender your tax disk fill in a V70 get them to run all the bits of info onto their rather complicated computer system. Then get them to re issue a new tax disc in exchange for your old one and then make sure they reduce your tax classification to give you refund we should get £ 20 back! Your car is then reclassified as running on "alternative fuel". They then don't give you a refund there they send off your v5 to the DVLA Swansea and get it reissued! I could have saved them the bother and sent it but procedures are procedures. Then the £20 back should be sent from DVLA Swansea.

Basically it seems like the DVLA swansea try and give some work out to the local DVLA offices and keep 'em busy. Nice to see bureaucracy is alive and well!

So I will await with anticipation my £20 back to spend on.... not sure yet.. answers on a postcard.