Sunday, 27 July 2008


The First LPG Car.

Well our first LPG car was delivered to us in fine order. The car is a Corrola Verso and is working well - its our first Verso. We are still getting used to the car and the system. However the engine is running smoothly, the acceleration seems fine and the car runs well switching from petrol to LPG without a hicup.

Some stuff to get used to

We have managed to stall the car a couple of times as we get used to the bite point on the clutch and the basic revs needed to get a slightly larger car moving! The car came supplied with a handy booklet with LPG gas stations on it. There is a small button and indicator light which tells you if its running on LPG or petrol. The switch and the lights work well. However the only niggle we can find right now is the lights don't indicate how much gas is in the tank very accurately e.g. when we go down a hill it measures 3 lights! when on the flat measures 2 or 1 . The installer did say this was common.

Filling up when we didn't need to !

So after having a minor panic as the lights dipped to 1 unit we decided to fill up on the way home! Guess what, we only managed to pump in 6 litres before it was full. So we went in rather sheepishly to the garage and paid our £3.67 and pootled on our way!

Flash Lube - what is that stuff?

The only other mystery for us right now is the flash lube system that has been installed. I'll talk to the installer and get some more info about it, what it does, how it works and how to maintain, fill and manage the flow of the flash lube into the engine. Thankfully our installer runs a 1000 mile check up for the system once we have run it for a bit which should help us sort things out.

Morrisons in Coventry stop selling LPG?

Only bit of news we have is that the Morrisons super market near us that had LPG gas ( it still has the gas tanks on the forecourt is not selling it right now which is a shame looks like the pump has been removed. I'll ring the manager of the store and find out what has happened and let you know.