Saturday, 28 June 2008

LPG GAS 101 THE BASICS - its all about the money

Why are you doing this? Are you some sort of green nut?

Last time I checked I didn’t look like a pistachio but I have been getting increasingly concerned at the rising cost of fuel. So I got my calculator and my handy interweb connection out and did some sums ( yes I know I am rubbish at maths and most 12 year olds are better at it than me but hey this is pretty simple stay with me on this).

It’s all about the money
I work for a well known Charity and frankly I don’t want to move closer to home to find another job but the charity probably isn’t going to be able to afford to help pay more for my fuel to get to work 'cos the economy is in the doldrums right now. So I was stuck in a quandary about liking my job and not wanting to move and the fact that I need to travel to get there.

OK for all you maths graduates – this is pretty rough fag packet but conservative estimate on the savings I will make.

I do 90 miles a day which is costing me £12.27 to get to work and back each day – that’s £61.34per week. (that’s assuming I do 400 miles on a tank using up about 47 litres a time at a cost of approx £1.16 per litre) this is the absolute best mileage I can get out of my tank driving at 55- 65 miles an hour keeping the revs steady at 3000 rpm.

The average price of LPG is currently 57p per litre. According to the average savings for a week on a handy chart I found
here I could be saving up to about £25.36 a week in savings over petrol that’s a 40% saving per week on the best mileage I can get on my current vehicle a 1.6 Litre Toyota Corolla.

So my current yearly fuel costs are a shade under £3000 (if I drive slowly and I don’t always do that!) If I can get a 40% saving on my fuel costs I could save up to £1200 in a year (£100 a month)!

Say it costs me £1800 to get the car converted - In the worst case scenario I will basically get the cost of the conversion back in savings in 18 months.

Given that I will do some other mileage on the car trips to the shops, some long distance to visit friends, I am pretty sure I’ll make it back to break even in 15 months.

Doh!!! Should have done the conversion years ago!