Friday, 27 June 2008

LPG gas a new frontier - Why I have started this Blog

A world gone crazy on oil

It seems that the world has gone crazy - Oil has hit stupid prices and inflation is going up. Frankly I have had enough of trying to make my petrol last by going at 55 miles per hour sitting behind lorries and generally getting depressed about motoring. I have not got the spare cash to waste burning it out of my exhaust.

Driving to work is getting silly

The drive to work is getting unsustainable and I thought about getting a new job but I quite like my current job and moving house is not an option due to personal circumstances and anyway the housing market in the UK is so rubbish I wouldn't be able to sell right now. I thought about getting a diesel car - but that is not going to work out given that diesel is now costing way more than petrol and is not going to deliver much in terms of savings.

LPG a new frontier?
I have decided to embark on a new frontier Liquid Petroleum Gas. For now the tax grabbing government of the UK seem to be leaving this fuel alone and the prices are about half that of petrol and more than that of diesel. I only hope that the price of this fuel will keep within reasonable limits before I have to get a horse and cart. Steptoe and Son come back all is forgiven me old muckker.

What I am doing about the OIL Crisis
I have decided to convert my existing car to LPG, document the process and let people know how I get on. In fact I have been so taken with it I am also getting a second car for my wife to use ( yes I know 2 cars are worse than 1 ) but life will not operate with only 1 car in our family right now.

So by the end of July 2008 I should be running my mini fleet of 2 cars on LPG

So the posts in this blog will hopefully give people some encouragement to have a crack and get their car converted and in the process use a fuel which could burn cleaner than petrol and diesel and deliver some savings in what seems to be a crazy world right now.

The next post will be about how I came to the decision the pros and cons and the links, information and so on that helped me get this far.

Take care campers.